About me

My relationship with tapestry weaving began when I was deciding what topic I would select for my finals in college. I studied Faculty of Textile Engineering, previously had done textile and clothing design, but I have to say I always preferred painting or drawing rather than designing clothes. I try to weave my tapestries just like I paint or draw, that is to say with its own unique authentic style.

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I am interested in spontaneous expression without adornment. I immediately imprint the sincere inner message that I experience during weaving into each tapestry. The customer gets a unique, original piece of art work, crafted with care and love, using traditional methods that date back centuries. It’s important the customers fall in love with their tapestries, a mission I work with them to understand how we can create a design that both suits his tastes as well respects traditions.

Eager to remain on the edge of novelty and gather the know how, I follow Czech and foreign textile design exhibitions, attend major events and participate in serious competitions.

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